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Mr. Accent Junior introduces unique features designed to make learning intuitive, interactive and fun for early learners and tiny tots. Let's look into the features which make Mr. Accent Junior the best available app to help your child learn an accent.

Real-time Error Correction

With its innovative speech recognition technology, Mr. Accent Junior listens to your kid’s responses and simultaneously corrects them to ensure a flawless and an error free US English accent.

Self-assisted Learning

Easy to use that even toddlers can figure out the options without the slightest need for adult supervision. Parents can now relax and have a little time to their self while their kids are off learning English.

Interactive Letter Recognition Lessons

The gamification features of Mr. Accent Junior teach a variety of skills including letter sounds, spellings, recognizing the difference between upper and lower case letters along with basic vocabulary and pronunciation.

Practice Your Own Text

A highly useful custom level option where users can type just about any random text and instantly get its correct pronunciation.

We bring you a unique way to learn elementary English.

Mr. Accent Junior provides the correct pronunciation of the written text and you speak back to it. The advanced speech recognition technology helps to compare it with the standard American accent and provides feedback highlighting the incorrect pronunciations.

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Lets dive into the app and see some of the screens which depict the process of how you'll learn and improve your accent.

Mr. Accent Junior's Success Stories

We revolutionize the way you speak and help you to learn and speak in the best way. Our success has been driven by your passion to learn. See what people think about Mr. Accent Junior.

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It won’t be a big problem to find one app lover in your neighborhood. Since the introduction of Mr. Accent Junior, it has been achieving great heights so far as its popularity and technological advancement are concerned.


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