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Mr. Accent Senior provides some very useful and out of the box traits to its users. For a better grasp over the US native accent and to excel at reading, Mr. Accent Senior provides the following outstanding features

Real-time Error Correction

Mr. Accent Senior uses a cutting edge speech recognition technology which gives its users the ultimate advantage of improving their English language proficiency and attaining a native American accent in a short period of time.

Beginner to Advance Levels

This app offers a complete range of levels from beginners to the advanced. Each level is numerically graded from 1 to 12, in an increasing order of difficulty. The levels are also carefully programmed to help users attain language proficiency at their own pace.

Unlimited Customized Practice

To allow our users the full liberty to explore and learn a plethora of text and phrases, Mr. Accent Senior features a Custom level option to diversify the linguistic practice and allow the users to have unlimited trials until the desired results are achieved.

Random Challenges

To keep things fresh and enlivened, users can break free from the monotony of the predesigned lessons and opt for a random challenge at any given instant to check how far they have come and if there are any improvements to be made.

We bring you a unique and interactive way to improve your accent.

Mr. Accent Senior provides the correct pronunciation of the written text and you speak back to it. The advanced speech recognition technology helps to compare it with the standard American accent and provides feedback highlighting the incorrect pronunciations.

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We revolutionize the way you speak and help you to learn and speak in the best way. Our success has been driven by your passion to learn. See what people think about Mr. Accent Senior.

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